Beeswax: quality issues today

publication date: Sep 1, 2004
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Journal Name Bee World
Article Title Beeswax: quality issues today
Author(s) Stefan Bogdanov
Volume 85
Issue 3
Published Date 9/1/2004
Pages 46 to 50
Abstract This article concentrates on the main quality issues of Apis mellifera beeswax: production by bees and processing by beekeepers and manufacturers, overall chemical composition, as well as sensory and physicochemical characteristics. The main quality issues today are adulteration and contamination. Contamination from the environment being relatively small, the main contaminants are synthetic and persistent acaricides used in beekeeping. Measures for prevention of contamination are discussed. Information on beeswax economy, as well as on beeswax uses is given.
Keywords beeswax, quality control