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BeeWorld Project The BeeWorld Project aims to promote the value of bees in the community and throughout schools. The work of the BeeWorld team promotes responsibility for the conservation of nature but especially targeting the younger generation whose future depends on successful programmes to achieve sustainable development.
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CSI Pollen Study

“CSI pollen” is a Europe wide study of the diversity of pollen sources collected by honey bees, organised by the COLOSS honey bee research association ( It is known that the pollen of certain plant species may be deficient in certain essential nutrients and lead to stress. In order to investigate regional patterns of pollen diversity, the project will seek the help of “Citizen Scientists”, in this case volunteer beekeepers, who will collect the information. The participating beekeepers will use pollen traps fitted to their honey bee colonies to regularly collect pollen loads, and count the number of different colours present.

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Volume I: Standard methods for
Apis mellifera research
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Apis mellifera pest and pathogen research

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Bee World Vol 91 Issue 2

Vol. 91, 2014
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Vol. 53, Issue 3, 2014
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Vol. 52, Issue 4, 2013
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